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Multidisciplinary designer, visual artist & illustrator Based in Tel-Aviv, israel.

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    Desert Queen

    Lightricks Tech Blog

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    Atidot- Type Design

    Where Is the Edge?

    Verse, Bridge, Chorus

    Naked Economics

    Unwell Mind
    Bertolucci Series

    Solitary Island

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    Galilee Culinary institute

    Isla Tel-Aviv

    Maison Cepher


    Together Pharma

    Mona Restaurant

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Ruth Marom

Multidisciplinary designer & illustrator
Based in Tel-Aviv, israel.

Gen See Beauty

Branding for GenSee Beauty.

Gen see is a new clean beauty brand that is sustainable‫,‬ Vegan ‫ and‬Cruelty free‫.‬
All the packaging is made from sustainable components with a focus on Post Consumer Recycled(PCR), mono materials and alternative plastics from renewable sources.

> Done in collaboration
with Tom Melnick.

> 2020-2022

>Brand identity
> Packaging